About Us

My name is Makenzie Fox, and I am the owner of Boho and Blessed Boutique. Along with being a busy business owner, I’m a mom to a wonderful 4 year old, Myla.

My inspiration for starting my own boutique came from shopping at other boutiques for Myla. She even got to model for some, which made the experience even more enjoyable!

My mom, Shaye, and I have always wanted to start an online boutique. During the pandemic, we felt that the timing was perfect for us to start the online business we had been talking about. We wanted to start a boutique that was different and inclusive. 

We started our boutique with a few goals in mind to achieve inclusivity. The biggest of these goals was size inclusivity! When shopping for ourselves, we found it to be discouraging. Why can’t the cute clothes be size inclusive? Why can’t the size inclusive clothes be cute?? 

This had to change, and we knew exactly how we wanted to change it. We sought to find cute, comfortable and flattering Boho-Style clothing that would fit the personalities of the ladies that wore them! 

After finding the best, most trustworthy vendors that fit our needs and our goals, we launched our boutique in August of 2021. We quickly grew to over 850 members on our Facebook page, and continue to grow weekly. 

Our loyal members join us every single Sunday night at 7 PM and we have so much fun! We seek to shine God’s love on all of our members every single week, keeping Proverbs 31:25 as the pillar verse for our Boutique. 

Boho and Blessed is a family business. With the help of my mom and my sister, Madison, we feel we’ve been able to serve ladies nationwide with our boutique. 

Can’t wait for you to join our Boho and Blessed Family! Many Blessings!